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March 26th

PCCE On-Line Courses

I hope this finds you all safe and well. It is a really tough time, but we will emerge and hopefully re-build lives, businesses and the economy.

I want to help by looking forward and positively. Many of you know me and the fact that I am the eternal optimist (most of the time). 

With this attitude in mind, I have decided to develop on-line training for most, if not all, of my courses. This will take a little time and will obviously have to be phased. I have had several enquiries in this respect over the past week which is very encouraging and positive.

With staff at home and workload often reduced, this is actually an opportunity to upskill through on-line training. At the end of the day we will want to be ready for the return to work and even better if we can do this is with additional knowledge and expertise.

Providing on-line courses will allow me to offer the training at a reduced rate. I am also prepared to offer phased payment on courses to take account of the many companies and individuals current strained financial positions. Hopefully this will help.

I will announce course details as soon as I can but in the meantime, if you are interested in participating, can you drop me a note either via the web link, or directly to info@pcce.ie and let me know what course(s) you might be interested in, and whether there might be 1 or more participant. Naturally, this will not commit you in any way.

I am looking forward to this. A terrible time but a new challenge and opportunity. 

I hope to hear from you

Please keep in touch and stay safe

Regards and best wishes

March 25th,

Rev02. March 30th

COVID 19 and Periodic and Annual Service/Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm (FDAS) and Emergency Lighting (EML) Life Safety Systems

I have had a number of queries regarding the above and while I stress that this is not a legal opinion, the following is my professional opinion based on my understanding of the Standards and other legislation.

General Observations:

Firstly, COVID 19 is transient. While it is incredibly brutal, deadly and disruptive, we will emerge at the end, pick up the pieces and revert to normality. In my opinion, we must have this as a mind-set.

Also, with this in mind, we must endeavor to return to safe and functional facilities. We can only achieve this by Maintaining and Servicing our Life Safety systems.

There is no question that we must understand that a degree of flexibility is needed at this time. In fact, the Standards recognise this and at the end of the day require that the ‘intent’ outweighs the ‘literal interpretation’ of these documents.

The Duty-holders (the ‘User’, ‘Owner’, Responsible Person’, ‘Manager’. etc.) still retain their obligations in respect of their duty-of-care under the Health & Safety and other legislation. This virus does not change or reduce these duties or obligations.

As I believe must be recognised by all, the present conditions will make full adherence to requirements more difficult, and perhaps require risk assessment and specific engineered solutions in respect of the ability to comply with the intent of some required procedures or actions.

There are always suitable alternatives if we look for them!

PCCE Training and PCCE Consulting are the two primary elements of the operations of Paul Condron Consulting Engineer Ltd.

From a background of Building Services Consulting Engineering throughout Ireland and also in various International locations Paul Condron has developed extensive experience in the areas of Life Safety Services which primarily include:

    • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Fire Safety in Buildings
    • Designing for Safety in Construction


Also in our portfolio of Services are courses on the principles of Designing for Safety in Construction (DSC) which is essential for all Construction and Maintenance Project.

As a member of Engineers Ireland and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) Paul has represented these bodies and actively participated in writing and revising the Irish National Standards for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – I.S.3218, and the Emergency Lighting Standard I.S.3217. Both of these Standards were revised and re-issued in December 2013.

With this detailed knowledge and understanding of the Standards PCCE has been offering professional, impartial and expert consultancy and training in these areas for many years.

PCCE operates out of Bray but provides both consultancy and training in many venues including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Kilkenny and the Midlands.

Paul Condron is both a Chartered Engineer and a Registered Consulting Engineer.

Who we work with


I attended the 3-day I.S. 3218 Course covering design and installation of fire alarm/detections systems in 2013. As a professional working in the fire and rescue service the course was of huge benefit to me. The class mix of fire officers and alarm installers/designers allowed for discussions of issues that were of mutual interest. The course itself was delivered by Paul Condron and Frank Pierce. Both managed to deliver a huge quantity of information in a short period as well as comprehensively addressing any queries raised. I would highly recommend this course based on the relevance of its content as well as the calibre and experience of those delivering it.
Pat Hunt
Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer  - Westmeath Fire & Rescue Service
I completed the three day course on IS 3218 Fire Detection and Alarm systems for buildings with tutors  Paul Condron and Frank Pierce. They managed to make a fairly mundane subject interesting and entertaining. Paul has a tendency to go on a bit so if you are doing the course make sure you allow a bit of extra time. They are  both are experts on the subject having been  involved in the updating of the IS 3218. I have had occasion to contact Paul to discuss aspect of design after completing the course and he has been extremely  helpful.
Jim Staples. B. Sc., M.IEI.
Fire Safety Consultant  - J. Staples & Associates Ltd.
Hello and good morning Paul, Just a quick word of thanks to you for having me on both your courses recently - 1-day Emergency Lighting Review  and the 1-day Fire Detection and Alarm Review. Thanking you again, looking forward to the next one
Neil Ryan
Business Development Manager  - Northwood Technology Ltd
“As part of Greendoor’s Continuing Professional Development programme, Paul Condron of PCCE Training was engaged to carry out an in-house course on Fire Safety in apartment Buildings with both the Property Managers and our onsite Caretakers. When we asked Paul in to conduct the course with us, which was tailored to suit our business requirements, we had a goal of becoming more aware and more informed of the fire safety issues that could occur onsite. What we got was so much more in-depth knowledge regarding building structure, fire proofing, hazards and current regulations. It proved essential as it not only refreshed and enhanced the Property Manager’s knowledge of building fire safety but also proved crucial in educating our onsite day to day staff as they are now fully aware and can anticipate potential hazards and issues before they become a real problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and would urge anyone in the industry to utilise his services as this is such a crucial and relevant topic and it is our responsibility to ensure that the buildings we manage are fully compliant and safe for all who live there.”
Eleanor Lawlor
Senior Property Manager  - Greendoor Property Management
“Both courses were well run, informative and very enjoyable to attend.  Having a mix of contractors and fire officers was good from my point of view and adds balance to the information provided, the discussions, etc.”
Philip OBrien BSc, MSc, CEng, MIEI, FIBCI
Assistant Chief Fire Officer  - Louth County Council Fire & Rescue

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