May 7th 2024

Welcome all,

More news and more courses.

It has been an exceptionally great start to 2024. The first Quarter has seen more training being undertaken that I have experienced in many years. This is brilliant – not just from my point of view – but that training is being prioritised and implemented around the country and throughout the various disciplines in Life Safety Systems. I have many companies literally putting most if not all of their technical staff on training courses. Long may it continue.

Unfortunately, the horror stories from poor design, installation and servicing are still coming to light. Many would not believe the stories I hear on my courses. The cowpersons (gender corrected from ‘cowboys’) are myriad and very much alive. Please force them out by knowing how to do your work to Standard and using this to stop them before something more serious like a fire, an injury or a death forces other actions – after it is too late. We are dealing with Life Safety Systems – not something to be toyed with.

So far in 2024 we have had the company of:

Fire Officers

Fire Consultants

Consulting Engineers

Electrical Contractors

FDAS Contractors

FDAS and EML Product manufacturers and distributors

Facility Maintenance Companies

Property Management Companies

Users…….and many more

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS): Things are changing here. In spite of many protests from several major players it seems as if the NSAI are going to push for a release of a new I.S.3218 Standard. The final decision will be in May and while I, and many others, would like to see the draft sent back to the Technical committee for review, I am not optimistic that this will happen. I will keep you informed and as with I.S.3217, PCCE Training will be ready with revised and updated courses very quickly.

Emergency Lighting: (EML): As you know, I.S.3217:2023 is now required on all Commissioning and Service contracts and for most new Designs and Installations. There was no declared transition period and therefore without a Fire Safety Certificate to say otherwise, the new Standard must be used.

PCCE has I.S.3217:2023 EML courses to suit all providers of all Emergency Lighting services – Design, Installation; Commissioning and Servicing:

· EL2 PCCE Training – 1-day, Emergency Lighting Review/Design (EL2) Course

· EL3 PCCE Training – 1-day, Emergency Lighting Service Provider (EL3) Course

· EL4 PCCE Training – 1/2-day, Emergency Lighting Standard Update (EL4) Course

· EL5 PCCE Training – 1/2-day, Emergency Lighting Service Provider Update (EL5) Course

Our Fire Door inspection and Maintenance Course (B6) has been further developed and is now one of our most popular courses.

Finally, our Designing for Safety in Construction (DSC) course has had to be presented a number of extra times so far which is great.

Additional dates have been added to meet the demand for places on all courses and there are still some free dates available before we break for August.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Courses summary: