PCCE Online Course Dates:
June & July 2022

PCCE Online Course Dates:

Hi all,

I am now back on my feet and all training is progressing again. It’s hard to keep a bad thing down!

There were a few changes in the course schedules because of my indisposition and these are attached. This will take us up to the end of July, at which time we will take a break until early September. It is really hard to believe that we are talking about the end of the summer at this stage. This year seems to be moving a lot faster each day.

There is no news yet of the issuing of the revised I.S.3217 Emergency Lighting Standard, but I think we should expect this in the near future and possibly before the summer break.
In respect of I.S. 3218, the Fire Detection and Alarm System Standard, this has now been released for public comment.

The link to access https://www.nsainep.ie/Home/Details/24294
The closing date for comments is July 25th, but don’t leave it on the long finger or it will never get done. This is a major revision to the standard and requires as many replies as possible. Remember that if you don’t respond you will be stuck with whatever is released for at least 5 years.

It is necessary to setup an account on the NSAI YSYS (your standards your say) scheme to access the draft document and submit comments using the online commenting tool. On this, you need to identify the clause you wish to comment on, specify the perceived problem, and then make a proposal. Only comments submitted through this NSAI YSYS platform will be considered during the comment resolution stage.

As always, please feel free to email or call me if you have queries or require additional information.


Paul Condron

Courses summary:

Course Ref.DisciplineCourse TitleDateCourse Fee
F2_22.03FDAS – Fire Detection and Alarm Systems3-day Design Course Incorporation the Principles of I.S.3218Thursdays 12/19/26 May 2022. Exam date: June 13th€ 775.00
LG2_22.03LEG – LegislationDSC – Designing for Safety in ConstructionTuesday May 24th 2022€ 200.00
F1_22.03FDAS – Fire Detection and Alarm SystemsIrish Standard Review CourseThursday June 8th 2022€ 200.00
LG2_22.04LEG – LegislationDSC – Designing for Safety in ConstructionTuesday June 21st, 2022€ 200.00
LG2_22.05LEG – LegislationDSC – Designing for Safety in ConstructionTuesday June 28th, 2022€ 200.00
F2_22.04FDAS – Fire Detection and Alarm Systems3-day Design Course Incorporation the Principles of I.S.3218Thursdays June 30th, July 7/14, 2022. Exam date: Monday July 25th€ 775.00
EL3_22.04EML – Emergency LightingsService Provider CourseTuesday July 5th 2022€ 160.00
F8_22.04FDAS – Fire Detection and Alarm SystemsService Provider CourseFriday July 8th 2022€ 200.00
EL2_22.04EML – Emergency Lightingsrish Standard Review and Design PrinciplesTuesday July 12th 2022€ 200.00

Please note that a discount structure applies for multiple bookings on the same course.

PCCE Online Course Dates:  January – March 2021

Hi all,
I can’t believe that we are actually planning for Christmas and a New Year. Hopefully a better one than 2020 for most. The online courses have proved to be a great success and I intend to continue delivering my course this way for thew foreseeable future.
The following are the courses scheduled for Q1 of 2021. I am very pleased to be able to say that a few of the January dates and filling nicely. I am looking forward to hearing from both old and new friends and working with you in 2021

RefCourse DetailsDateCost pp
F1_21.01Fire Detection and Alarm Systems1-day Review CourseJanuary 7th (Thursday)€185.00
EL3_21.01Emergency Lighting1-day Service Provider CourseJanuary 12th (Tuesday)€160.00
F2_21.01Fire Detection and Alarm Systems3-day, 3rd Party Certified Design CourseJanuary 14th/21st/28th (Thursdays)€725.00
+ €40.00 for Exam
LG2_21.01Designing for Safety in Construction1-day Review CourseJanuary 19th (Tuesday)€185.00
EL2_21.01Emergency Lighting1-day Review/Design Course26th January (Tuesday)€185.00
F1_21.01Fire Detection and Alarm Systems1-day Review CourseFebruary 23rd (Tuesday)€185.00
EL3_21.01Emergency Lighting1-day Service Provider CourseFebruary 25th (Thursday)€160.00
F2_21.01Fire Detection and Alarm Systems3-day, 3rd Party Certified Design CourseMarch 2nd/9th/16th (Tuesdays)€725.00
+ €40.00 for Exam
LG2_21.01Designing for Safety in Construction1-day Review CourseMarch 4th (Thursday)€185.00
EL2_21.01Emergency Lighting1-day Review/Design CourseMarch 11th (Thursday)€185.00

I would like to thank everyone I have worked with in 2020 and all other new contacts a very peaceful Christmas and a better New YearI sincerely hope that you and your families have survived and that we can look forward to a bright and COVID-free 2021.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Regards and stay safe


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Sample Attendee feedback

Philip O’Brien – Louth County Council Fire & Rescue

Both courses were well run, informative and very enjoyable to attend. Having a mix of contractors and fire officers was good from my point of view and adds balance to the information provided, the discussions, etc.

Paul Hunt – Westmeath Fire & Rescue Service

I attended the 3-day I.S. 3218 Course covering design and installation of fire alarm/detections systems in 2013. As a professional working in the fire and rescue service the course was of huge benefit to me. The class mix of fire officers and alarm installers/designers allowed for discussions of issues that were of mutual interest. The course itself was delivered by Paul Condron and Frank Pierce. Both managed to deliver a huge quantity of information in a short period as well as comprehensively addressing any queries raised. I would highly recommend this course based on the relevance of its content as well as the calibre and experience of those delivering it.

Chris O’Callaghan – Chubb Ireland Ltd, Cork

Thank you for your instruction and assistance on the day.  Hopefully it will not be too long before we meet again.  I learned a lot on the day and it has raised my confidence with regards to emergency lighting.

In relation to yesterday’s presentation, I thought the content of the presentation was great and very relevant, I took away a lot of knowledge from the presentation and as mechanical I haven’t seen some of this in work myself so it was a great insight into what the guys do, I did do some of this in college but Paul thought it in a very practical way, however, I think it would be better for the students if there was more time allocated to this subject rather than the content shortened in the future.

I would like to say the presentation was brilliant and I can say the same thing about the delivery, it was a little unfortunate that a section of the fire alarm needed to be rushed that was the only downfall.

Also if it’s okay to contact him with questions related to fire alarm and emergency lighting if ever needed.

Martina Smith – Advanced Fire Protection

Congratulations on the successful delivery of the above.

My guys found it hugely beneficial and well run.

Can you let me know when you plan to hold more courses in the year – we are on a roll!!!

James – James Reynolds & Associates

I enjoyed the course and the format. More comfortable in my own house. Saved a lot of time in travel. Covid or not, I would say it is the way forward.

Paul – Roarty, Donegal

I really enjoyed the format, as I did not lose 4-hours in my day travelling. I was comfortable in my own home and I don’t think the remote delivery reduced the quality of the content. I feel the course is great value. You certainly come away, better informed. As mentioned above, I would have loved to see a real life worked example, Inc. specification to see how it all comes together. It would be the icing on the cake.

Paul – Telesto, Dublin

Hi Paul,

I really enjoyed the courses and your casual and professional manner.

I do hope to meet you again in the near future.

Kind regards,