Emergency Lighting Service Provider Training - EL3

Course Reference:

PCCE_EL3                                                  Issue 1: 1st February 2018


Course Outline:


Provide Emergency Lighting (EML) Service Providers (SP) with comprehensive details regarding their obligations and actions in providing a compliant service to EML Installations

Provide practical information on generic EML components and test equipment


Course Prerequisite:

There is no requirement for participants to have previously completed any other EML courses


Course Objectives:

  1. Have attendees understand:
    1. Their Service Provider (SP) role. With EML this includes the areas of:
      1. Inspection
      2. Testing
  • Servicing/Maintenance
  1. Their obligations – legal and in respect of I.S.3217


  1. Provide an overview of EML theoretical principles to the extent required of a SP under the Standard


  1. Outline the Service elements of the new EU Standard for providers of all services in relation to Life Safety Systems – I.S. EN16763. This Standard came into force in April 2017. While not specifically addressed to EML SPs at this time, the principles are applicable.


  1. Provide fundamental systems information:
    1. Self-contained systems
    2. Central powered systems
    3. Testing:
      1. CTU or Central Testing
      2. ATS or Automatic Test Systems


  1. Understand the processes for proper Servicing of EML installations:
    1. Appointments
    2. Information needed by SP
    3. Procedure to carry out a service


  1. Service/Inspection Types:
    1. User Servicing
    2. Periodic/ Annual /Special Services
    3. Recording and reporting
    4. Formats and how to complete compliant Service Reports in accordance with Amendment 1 to I.S.3217:2013 which was issued in 2017. Contains changes to the previous issue of the Standard


  1. Workshop:
    1. Hands-on discussions of actual projects. Attendees are encouraged to bring projects


Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction

Course Overview

Course Objectives


Module 2: EML Systems Standard I.S.3217:2013+A1:2017

What do you need to know as an SP?

What do you not have to know?

What is your role as an EML SP:

As an electrician

As a non-electrician

How do you address the previous Standards?






Module 3: EML System Principles:

Wiring compliance;

Typical wiring systems

Self-contained systems:

Common faults

Central powered systems


CTU or Central Testing

ATS or Automatic Test Systems


Module 4: Requirements for Servicing

What is required to be provided for a Service Provider:

Defined Scope of Service

Safety File


System Details

Previous Service records

Advice regarding records regeneration


Module 5: Service Preparation:

Documentation review

Pre-visit checks

Health & Safety


Module 6: Service Procedures:

What is required from an EML Service Provider:

Service types – User: Daily/weekly

Service types normally contracted: Periodic/Annual:

  • Extent
  • Procedure – how do we do it
  • Common problems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tools and Equipment


Module 7: Recording and Reporting

Annual test reporting (Certificate C6)

Periodic testing reports (Certificate C7)

Report following Annual Inspection and Testing (Certificate C8)

Annex ‘D’ checklist


Module 8: Workshop

Bring sample projects

Try to catch me out with questions I can’t answer!!!

Problem areas

Anything else you want to know about