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Course Title: 1-day Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS) Service Provider (SP) Course

Course Reference: PCCE_F8

Course Outline:

Provide Fire Detection and Alarm (FDAS) Service Providers (SP) with comprehensive details regarding their obligations and actions in providing a compliant service to FDAS Installations

Provide practical demonstrations on generic FDAS components and test equipment

Course Prerequisite:

This revised course is an improved version of our previous 2-day Service Provider Course. However, it concentrates on the practical aspect of FDAS servicing and so the original day-1 theory section has largely been omitted.

Participants must have a good understanding of I.S.3218:2013. To achieve this, it is strongly recommended that this is achieved either through experience and product training or by attendance at the PCCE 1-day FDAS Review or other, similar course.

Course Objectives:

  1. Have attendees understand:
    1. Their Service Provider (SP) role
    2. Their obligations – legal and in respect of I.S.3218
  1. Provide an overview of FDAS theoretical principles to the extent required of a SP under the Standard
  1. Outline the Service elements of the new EU Standard for providers of all services in relation to FDAS - I.S.EN16763. This Standard came into force in April 2017
  1. Provide systems information:
    1. Introduction to Conventional/Addressable/Radio FDAS
    2. Generic Systems hands-on
    3. Introduction to Test Facilities and Instruments
  1. Understand the processes for proper Servicing of FDAS installations:
    1. Appointment
    2. Procedure to carry out a service
    3. User Servicing
    4. Periodic/ Annual /Special Services
    5. Recording and reporting
  1. Know their obligations in respect of Limiting False Alarms
    1. Causes of False Alarms
    2. Methods to assist in identifying and addressing such alarms
    3. Reporting
    4. Obligations for SPs to recommend actions in respect of reducing False Alarms
  2. Receive hands-on instruction and demonstrating on a variety of ~Conventional and Addressable FDAS test-rigs

Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Course Objectives

Module 2: Fire Detection and Alarm System Design basics:

  • This module will be developed to address the needs of those Servicing FDAS installations:
  • Fire Phenomena
  • System Categories overview
  • Detection Zones overview
  • Detection and alarm device choices
  • Device placement,coverage,spacing
  • Alarm device types and sounder principles
  • FDAS system types:
  • Conventional/Addressable
  • Wireless and Hybrid
  • PAVA (voice evacuation)
  • Protocol (Closed/Open/Managed)
  • Wiring basics

Module 3: Device Principles:

  • Detector device types and principles
  • Alarm device types and sounder principles
  • 1/O and 3rd-party interfacing

Module 4: Requirements for Servicing

  • Introduction to I.S.EN16763 (new Standard for all providers of FDAS projects) in respect of requirements for Service Providers.

What is required to be provided for a Service Provider:

  • Defined Scope of Service
  • Safety File
  • Drawings
  • System Details
  • Confirmation of System Category
  • Previous Service records
  • Advice regarding records regeneration

Module 5: Service Preparation:

  • Documentation review
  • Pre-visit checks
  • Health & Safety

Module 6: Service Procedures:

  • What is required from a Service Provider:
  • Service types- User: Daily/weekly
  • Service types normally contracted: periodic/annual/special:
  • Extent
  • Procedure
  • Common problems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tools and Equipment

Module 7: Limiting False Alarms

  • Categories of False Alarms
  • Practical False Alarm causes and solutions
  • Analysis of False Alarms
  • Providing Recommendations for User actions
  • Module 8: Recording and Reporting
  • Periodic testing reports (D2 Certificate)
  • Annual test reporting (D1 Certificate)

Course facilities:

  • Conventional FDAS x 2
  • Addressable FDAS x 2
  • Detection Devices
  • Alarm Devices
  • I/Os
  • Test Equipment