1 Day User Course Based on I.S.3218:2013


This full day aims to give Users/Clients/Responsible Persons a clear understanding of their obligations in respect of the provision, maintenance and servicing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in order to ensure that they comply with their statutory duties.

In addition the course provides a clear review, at a User level, of the technical aspects of the Irish National Standard latest 2013 Revision in respect of:
Principles of the FDAS ‘Start-to-Finish’ Process
Principles of Fire
Detection and Alarm Devices
Protection Categories

The role and duties of the various parties in the FDAS Process will be reviewed in detail

Limitation of False Alarms will be addressed

Management and Control of Service and Maintenance Providers will be a focus of the course. The User will receive a clear understanding of what to expect from such parties and be provided with methods of controlling these operations.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the course in order to have any queries on the subject addressed.

Learning Outcomes:

Learners will be able to:
Understand the Scope of the I.S. 3218:2013 Standard
Indicate the Scope of the B.S. 5839 Part 6 (referenced standard within I.S. 3218)
Understand the duties and responsibilities of the relevant parties.
Understand the basis for Fire Detection System Protection Categories and their relevant application.
Summarise the Certification requirements at all stages of construction.
Define the extent of works required by all providers
Detail the competencies, skills, compliance and duties required of providers.
Review the performance of providers
Advise their Management on their obligations under Legislation and Standards
Understand the scope of works and duties expected of providers
Understand and communicate with relevant enforcing authorities.
Assess all project and record documentation provided and its compliance with the requirements of the I.S. 3218 standard.
Be aware of their requirements to maintain records; the format for such records and practical advice on how to do so.

Supporting Documentation:

Course presentation notes
Optional : Relevant Issue of I.S. 3218. Available through NSAI or by special arrangement at the course (at additional cost)

Duration: 7.0 Hours (09:00 – 16:30)

Participant Capacity: Maximum 20

Assessment - Optional
Duration: 0.5 Hours
Technique: Based on Learning Outcomes

Multi-choice Question/ Answer sheet. Maximum 20 Questions.

Open Book format. The candidates will be allowed access to their course presentation notes as at DO1 above.

Negative Marking Methodology:

Each correct answer will score 2 points and incorrect answers are deducted 1 point. We may decide to defer this, as it may be too strict for this type of course. This can be decided at a later date.


Attendance <70%
Pass 70% - 84%
Merit 85% - 94%
Distinction 95% +


This course is presented to meet the needs of a group of learners who are anticipated to require a limited knowledge of the T4echnical Aspects of FDAS installations.

Where groups of learners present possess high levels of knowledge then the tutor will be in a position to alter the content of the presentation such that additional information will be presented which will exceed the learning outcomes.

Transfer Attendees could progress to further detailed 1- day and 3-day courses leading to certification (NFQ Level 6 special purpose)


An optional assessment is provided as outlined in the course content. The presenters will use real life examples to illustrate and experience to highlight particular aspects.


A single tutor will present the course. Two presenters are available.
Generally 1 to 2 weeks notice is adequate and depending on other works it may be possible to accommodate courses on short notice.