Construction projects can be extremely difficult for Clients to manage from either a lack of in-house expertise or the non-availability of resources for such an undertaking. Without such in-house capability, the overseeing of a major project can be very difficult and the road littered with many pitfalls for the unwary.

Regardless of having a Professional Design Team of Architects and Engineers and/or a competent and experienced Contractor there is a need to have a major project controlled by a dedicated and experienced resource who will act purely in the interests of the Client.

Separate to the Project Management and Design/Construction roles, the function of the Client Representative is to ensure that the Client needs are interpreted correctly and subsequently transmitted to the Design/Construction team for action.

The Client Representative also acts as overall Cost Controller of all cost elements of a project. For most major projects the actual Construction is only one of a number of cost elements. Others include: Consultant Fees, Planning Charges, Fit-out and relocation costs, etc.

Projects of this nature included:
- Engineers Ireland new Lecture Theatre and Office Complex in Clyde Road 2004
- St. Joseph of Cluny Secondary School Extension in Dublin 2006