Emergency Lighting Commissioning - Serious Concern!!

Emergency Lighting Commissioning – Serious Concern!!

Requirement for 2nd full-duration Test on Commissioning – Self-Contained and CPS Systems


Over the last number of courses I have given I have been concerned that a large number of

experienced EML Commissioning parties are not aware of the requirement (introduced in

2013) that initial system commissioning requires:


 A full duration test (3-hour duration on most systems)

 A battery recharge period of not more than 24hrs.

 **A second full duration test within 24 hours of the initial test, and verification that all

LEDs and EML Signage is functional**


This second test is the only way that it can be proven that the batteries will fully recharge. A

battery could quite easily pass the initial 'full-duration' test but there is absolutely no

guarantee that it will recharge sufficiently to be able to do so a second time, without testing it

as specified.


Having recognised this issue I feel that this may well be a significant factor in the apparent

'failure' of batteries to pass the annual 'full duration' or even some of the 'periodic functional'



A battery that is not discharged/recharged on a regular basis has a very short shelf-life'. If you

have a battery in your stores or van that has been lying there for 6 months or more – throw it


On a similar basis, be careful of the state of batteries you purchase



June 28th, 2017

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