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Half-day I.S.3217:2013 User Course (EL1)

This 1/2-day course was developed initially and proved very successful

As with FDAS installations, Users have the ultimate responsibility under the law for ensuring that their Life Safety Systems serviced and maintained by Competent Parties. The User courses developed by PCCE are designed to provide the User:

With a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities

Understanding of 'Best Practice' in EL applications

With the knowledge necessary for them to evaluate the operations of the parties who work for them in these areas:

Commissioning Parties
Service Providers
Maintenance Providers
Log Book and Records

1 - day I.S.3217:2013 Emergency Lighting Course (EL2)

The improved and revised I.S.3217 Emergency Lighting standard was released in late December 2013. PCCE Training is now releasing our 1-day course which will provide practical and detailed guidance to the Standard.

This Standard and its application has been the subject of much confusion and this course is developed to address these issues.

Paul Condron who has developed and will deliver the course has over 40 years of Emergency Lighting design experience and has been a member of the I.S.3217 standards committee for almost 4 years.

Emergency Lighting (EL) systems
Emergency Escape Lighting
EL Design Requirements
System technical parameters
Commissioning; Service/Maintenance
User Responsibilities