Half-day I.S. 3218:2013 Update Course (F5)

I.S.3218 the Standard for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings - System Design, Installation, Commissioning, Servicing and Maintenance has been revised. It was issued in December 2013 and is now fully in force. There is a requirement for all parties involved in the FDAS process to make themselves aware of the changes in this document and its impact on their activities and services.

This ½ -day Update Course is designed to inform existing users of the 2009 Standard - who are familiar with the old Standard - with the changes in the new document. This is intended to allow them to continue with their activities in compliance with the Revised Standard. There are a number of significant changes to this revised Standard in areas that include:

Servicing and Maintenance
Application of devices


1 day I.S. 3218:2013 Review Course (F1A)

The 2009 version of this course was given by PCCE TRAINING to over 1000 individuals.

Developed for attendees with some experience of the 2009 Standard but who require a review of the whole standard

Reviews the complete Standard

Comprehensive review of all primary elements

FDAS Implementation Process

Categories of Protection
Siting and spacing of devices
Responsibilities of all parties
Limiting False Alarms
Commissioning, Service and Maintenance
Residential installations

Emphasises the changes made in the 2013 revision of the Standard


2 day I.S. 3218:2013 Service Provider Course (F3)

Developed for attendees with good knowledge and experience of the 2009 Standard.

Will address the changes to the latest revision of the Standard

Ideal for past attendees of the PCCE 3-day (2009) Certificate Course or the 1-day (2009) Review Course


3 day I.S. 3218:2013 3rd Party Certificate (F2)

The 2009 version of this course was presented to some 200 individuals. A Register of those who were successful in passing the Course Examination and achieved the 3rd Party Certification, is included on the this website. To see the list of successful attendees click here

This successful course has now been revised to include all revisions in the 2013 Standard

The course addresses in detail the theory of FDAS including:

Fundamentals of fire
Basis and operation of FDAS devices
FDAS Implementation Process
Limiting False Alarms
Commissioning, Service and Maintenance
Residential installations
Includes Workshops


1-day I.S. 3218:2013 User Course (F4)

Users have the ultimate responsibility under the law for ensuring that their Life Safety Systems - including FDAS and Emergency Lighting are serviced and maintained by Competent Parties. The User courses developed by PCCE are designed to provide the User:

With a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities

Understanding of 'Best Practice' in FDAS applications

With the knowledge necessary for them to evaluate the operations of the parties who work for them in these areas:

Commissioning Parties
Service Providers
Maintenance Providers
Log Book and Records

This 1/2-day course was developed initially and proved very successful

It provides the information above in broad detail


Half-day I.S. 3218:2013 User Course (F6)

In response to requests from attendees of the 1/2-day course, PCCE has developed a 1-day course to address these User issues in more detail. While not as technical as the 1-day Review Course (Course F1) for Designers and other parties, this course will provide Users with a very solid understanding of the Standard and what is required both of them and from those who provide FDAS services for them