If you recognise one of your jobs under ‘THE SHAME GAME’ then just get out of the business!!

For most of these cowboys I wouldn’t think that any amount of training would help

Think of it – Clients/Users actually pay these people and then think they are ‘covered’ because ‘experts’ did the work!!

Client beware – YOU are the responsible one!!!

Obviously an overall well-designed; well-coordinated; properly inspected; signed-off and completely compliant project.

How many system blunders are immediately evident???

If you recognise this – get another job. Cowboys are needed in other parts of the world

One big mess waiting for a disaster

Courtesy of Liam O’Keeffe this little insect was the cause of a lot of False Alarms in this production facility.

When found and the problem tackled (after some others failed to find/see the problem) all was returned to normal

Tiny insects can be the cause of many ‘False Alarms’. Detectors mounted on wooden structures are quite prone

Great clearance from the Bulkhead – pity about the wall!!

It’s either painted or nicotine covered!

 Courtesy of Seamus Barrett ACFO – Limerick Fire Service

Strange MCP Plate style – not exactly compliant!!

YES –  The Fire Alarm Panel is in there!!!

Well protected from

Physical damage

and Access!!!


A Brilliant Zone Description!!!

and perfect spelling to boot