Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS) – New European Standard for all Services Providers

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS) – New European Standard for all Services Providers

March 2017 should see the introduction of fprEN16763 as a full EU harmonised Standard. As this is not in relation to a ‘product’ this cannot become a fully ratified standard, however, it will still be of great relevance to the industry.

EN16763 is all about setting EU-wide reference standards for all who will provide Services of any nature (Design, Installation, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance, Verification) within the Fire and Security areas.

Already included in PCCE courses since 2016, this Standard should help us to commence a process of being better able to document and demonstrate ‘competence’ in the FDAS Service being provided.

The Standard allows for this to be demonstrated through recognised qualifications and/or training and experience. While formal training will be a good part of this requirement all should recognise that training will not be obligatory and that experience is accepted as a key factor in respect of ’Competence’

While Designers, Installers and Commissioning Parties will all be affected by the requirements of this Standard, it will specifically address in a comprehensive manner, the requirements of parties who provide Service and Maintenance roles in this area. This should, over a period of time, have a very strong impact on those providing such Services. In view of the very poor records in this area, it should help to wean out those who are currently providing services in the FDAS sector without the requisite experience or training.

PCCE has already addressed this standard in our courses and is considering other courses specific to this extremely important new Standard.

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