Amendment to I.S.3217:2013 Emergency Lighting Standard

Amendment to I.S.3217:2013 Emergency Lighting Standard

An amendment to I.S.3217:2013 entitled I.S.3217:2013 +A1:2017 Should be released within the coming weeks. This amendment specifically addresses two areas:

  • Cable systems to Central Power Systems (CPS)
  • Emergency Lighting in Lifts

In addition, numerous relatively minor changes and corrections have been made throughout the Standard. This is not a full revision of the Standard.

The changes to the CPS systems are in response to committee review and industry input and are the opinion of the committee regarding best practice vs security of system effectiveness. The primary changes relate to infrastructure in respect of compartmentation, cable type and survival time and connection housings.

The changes to Emergency Lighting in Lifts in lifts relates to a change in the I.S.EN81 Standard which now needs to be reflected in National Standards. These requirements are significantly different from those presently included in I.S.3217:2013

PCCE has incorporated these changes into our 1-day EL review course.

The Standard Amendment will be available as a stand-alone publication or the new issues of the Standard will include the changes integrated into the publication. PCCE recommends that a the fully revised document be purchased.


Paul Condron – PCCE

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