Emergency Lighting

Half-day I.S.3217:2013 User Course (EL1)

This 1/2-day course was developed initially and proved very successful

As with FDAS installations, Users have the ultimate responsibility under the law for ensuring that their Life Safety Systems serviced and maintained by Competent Parties. The User courses developed by PCCE are designed to provide the User:

With a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities

Understanding of 'Best Practice' in EL applications

With the knowledge necessary for them to evaluate the operations of the parties who work for them in these areas:

Commissioning Parties
Service Providers
Maintenance Providers
Log Book and Records

1 - day I.S.3217:2013 Review Course (EL2)

In 2008 PCCE developed and presented a 1/2 day EL course to over 500 attendees.

We are now very pleased to be able to present a full Review course on this revised Standard.

The course will review all sections of the Standard including

Emergency Lighting (EL) systems
Emergency Escape Lighting
EL Design Requirements
System technical parameters
Commissioning; Service/Maintenance
User Responsibilities

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Fire Safety

1-day Course on Fire Safety in Apartment Buildings (B1)

This course was successfully provided in association with IPFMA Skillnet and is now being promoted by PCCE in other venues

1-day Course on Fire Safety in Nursing Homes and Care Facilities (B2)
This Course is currently in development



This one-day course is designed and presented to review the DSC Guidance Document and provide a structured review of its component elements in relation to the duties of the Permanent Works Designer (PWD). The various sections are explained and practical examples along with case-studies are presented to demonstrate aspects of the guidance documents.

PCCE Training has also developed various templates that reflect the recommended method of information collection and dissemination.


Provide attendees with an understanding of the extent of Construction Legislation.

Provide attendees with an understanding of the Legislation that applies to all parties involved in Construction and provide them with the information needed to understand their duties and responsibilities.