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PCCE Consulting offers services in a variety of Disciplines to a wide client-base. PCCE Consulting uses both the experience of Paul Condron and the specialist knowledge of other competent partners to offer a broad platform of services.



PCCE Training is developed to impart the company's range of professional experience and expertise to others. The basis for all of our training programmes is that they must be developed and delivered only by professionals with the Theoretical AND Practical knowledge to address the subject matter and fully satisfy the needs of attendees.



Revised Irish Standards released:
As a Christmas present NSAI released two revised National Standards

I.S. 3218:2013 - Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings - System Design, Installation Commissioning, Servicing and Maintenance

I.S. 3217:2013 - Emergency Lighting
Both of these Standards are effective immediately and supercede the previous issues
While they are not retrospective in respect of a need to upgrade existing installations, the Commissioning. Servicing, Maintenance and User sections are fully applicable to all present installations

Implications of revised I.S.EN54-23 on Visual Alarm devices
The recent I.S.EN54-23 Standard has many implications in respect of the installation of Visual Alarm systems. It's not as severe as it seems at first glance though

Further to my successful completion of the PCCE Fire Alarm design course last summer, I confirm that I would be happy to have my name included in a register of those who completed the course.

I congratulate you and your team for presenting a very thorough course. I particularly recommend your course for including people with experience and competence in all aspects of fire alarm installation, extending from risk assessment, to design, to installation, commissioning, handover, certification, maintenance and code compliance.

I have found the course of invaluable benefit and particularly helpful for fire certificate application, fire safety assessment of new and existing buildings and I confirm my further interest in participating in a similarly focused emergency lighting course.

Terry Brennan B.E.
Terry Brennan B.E.
Consulting Engineer

I completed the three day course on IS 3218 Fire Detection and Alarm systems for buildings with tutors Paul Condron and Frank Pierce. They managed to make a fairly mundane subject interesting and entertaining. Paul has a tendency to go on a bit so if you are doing the course make sure you allow a bit of extra time. They are both are experts on the subject having been involved in the updating of the IS 3218. I have had occasion to contact Paul to discuss aspect of design after completing the course and he has been extremely helpful.

Jim Staples. B. Sc., M.IEI.
Jim Staples. B. Sc., M.IEI.
Fire Safety Consultant.